Thursday, December 18, 2014

The day started with fog and damp air, the kind you can feel seeping into your skin. It reminded me of home. I stood up from the ledge of the Observatory, taking in the town below me. Mine time here will certainly be interesting, hopefully fruitful. Back in Ireland, watching the sunrise was a daily activity with my brother, and I guess the tradition stuck. Can't see much of the sun with this damn fog, but its visible just barely. I kiss the sliver cross dangling from my wrist, a reminder of what is important to me and why I came to this town. As I head back towards the stairs, I thank the old man once again. Letting me come up to his observatory is quite nice, guess he is my first friend in this town. Gotta catch his name next time.

The day continued without a hitch, that is until the power outage. My day was spent wandering the shops and streets, meeting those who would come to be my new acquaintances. I got the key to my apartment in Dreamwood Terrace, number 422, and checked it out. Not too bad, but not too great either. It will make do for my time here. I met a friendly man named Red who helped me up after I stumbled in the street. Talked with him for a while, loves music almost as much as life. But around 7 pm, the power went out. I was still out and about, getting coffee at Gavin's, trash compared to my home brew, when my I had my first real encounter of this town. I was wandering the streets, near the cemetery when I was snuck up on and beaten.

Nothing compared to the good bashing I had received back home, nor as good as some of the bashing I had dealt out myself, but it was enough for the man to grab my wallet. I was left surprised in the dirt, $36 broker and just a bit more confused. It was a little matter, I dismissed it soon thereafter. I am sure he needed it for an important reason. If this is what this town will be like, then I was right about interesting.

Besides, it didn't matter. I had more important plans on my mind.